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Snow pack streak melted at 77 days

On Tuesday, for the first time since Jan. 5, there was less than an inch of snow still left at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Officially, the National Weather Service listed the measurement as "trace," bringing an end to a snow pack that gripped the area for more than two frigid months before temperatures finally moderated toward more average conditions over the last two weeks.

The 77-day run was good enough to crack the Top 10 list for longest snow packs at Buffalo. It tied 1940 for 10th place.

The deepest the snow pack got was on Feb. 15 when it reached 26 inches.

During its span, it was at least 18 inches deep for 35 days from Feb. 4 to March 10.

That set an all-time record for duration at that depth, besting the 34-day run set during the infamous winter of 1976-77.

Longest runs of snow pack of at least 1 inch at Buffalo:

#1 101 days 1963
#2 100 days 1918
#3 96 days 1977
#4 93 days 1917
#5 84 days 1978
#6 83 days 1920
#7 82 days 2001
#8 80 days 1893
#9 78 days 1910
#10 77 days 2015
Source: National Weather Service
Period of record: 1893-01-01 to 2015-03-24


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