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Letter: Some need guidance to do the right thing

Some need guidance to do the right thing

A recent article regarding the Lancaster Board of Education’s decision to stop using the “Redskins” name quotes a local businessman who claimed, “People are getting sick of constantly being told what to do.”

Unfortunately, as this case demonstrates, when a group of supposedly educated adults refuses to accept a generally accepted standard that continued use of such a name is offensive to Native Americans, then I’m afraid they do need to be told what to do.

Since when does the majority, in this case white people, get to decide what is and what is not offensive to the group being offended? If Native Americans say that “Redskins” is an offensive term, then the rest of us need to accept it. And if certain people refuse to accept it, then in the name of common decency they should be told what to do. The First Amendment does not guarantee the right to offend.

Jeffrey Warda