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Letter: Cuomo’s education policy is hurting poor children

Cuomo’s education policy is hurting poor children

I was saddened but not surprised when I read the March 17 News editorial, “Politics as usual.” It urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to stick to his guns regarding his education policy, a policy that would hold public schools in the poorest communities hostage to Cuomo’s demands by withholding funding that is desperately needed by those communities more than ever.

Cuomo’s education plan will only compound the problems by diverting our tax dollars to private, for-profit charter schools that are allowed to hire uncertified, unqualified and non-union teachers. The editorial had the audacity to suggest that Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie’s lucid and rather obvious factual comment, “We must help our children to succeed, not punish them because they live in poorer communities or deny their schools the funding they need to improve the learning environment,” was somehow an “incomprehensible rejection of Cuomo’s reform agenda.”

One needs to look no further than the State Education data that clearly demonstrates that what Heastie said is absolute fact. The schools that are failing are all located in the poorer communities. The facts speak for themselves. Cuomo’s education reform agenda places the blame on the unions, teachers and the public schools. It is his plan that is “corporate politics as usual.” The corporations stand to make millions on privatization and charter schools and could not care less about how many poor children suffer as a result. Shame on the editorial board and shame on Cuomo.

Joseph S. Guadagno

West Seneca