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Paladino's resolution to fire Ogilvie

Below is Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino's resolution to have Interim Superintendent Donald Ogilvie terminated immediately. Though the resolution is likely to go nowhere, Paladino said he wrote it make a point about his dissatisfaction with the district leader:

Interim Superintendent. Insofar as Superintendent Ogilvie has:

a) violated the representations made by him to BOE members prior to his appointment to the Superintendent position and further betrayed the trust given to him by members of the BOE when he failed to keep his promises to begin the implementation of elements of the reform agenda, defined in a vision statement provided to him, thereby exacerbating the dysfunction of the BPS and prolonging the fair opportunity for education for the 34,000 students in the BPS, and

b) failed to install new, exempt and non-exempt, administrators in the BPS to implement the reform agenda, choosing instead to use the same administrators who created the dysfunction and disintegration of morale in all constituencies of the BPS to maintain the status quo, and

c) in fact has worked in many instances to obstruct, delay and otherwise frustrate elements of the reform agenda including the use of neighborhood schools, charter schools and all other available vehicles and opportunities to provide seats in performing schools to all children in the BPS,

d) I therefore move that Superintendent Ogilvie's appointment as Superintendent be terminated effective immediately.

In response to Paladino's resolution, the Concerned Clergy Coalition of Western New York released two letters: One in support of Ogilvie, and one seeking Paladino's voluntary resignation. Here they are below:

CCC letter supporting Ogilvie

CCC letter seeking Paladino's resignation


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