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March 23, 1985: Where did WNY families dine in the mid-1980s?

Buffalo’s children of the '80s have memories of a list of “fine-dining” institutions that are mostly different than the family eateries of today.

From the pages of The Buffalo News 30 years ago this week, here are some restaurants where a family might have eaten.

22 mar 1985 harvest house cafeteria woolworths Eastern Hills

The Harvest House Cafeteria was inside Woolworth's at the Eastern Hills Mall. Was it your family's alternative to the York Steak House there?


22 mar 1985 jafafa hots

Ja-Fa-Fa Hots spent 60 years on Harlem Road at the 33 Expressway, serving Malecki hotdogs 30 years ago.


22 mar 1985 lums canterbury cloister

Kids loved to help make their parents' coffee at Lum's, which featured cream poured from cow-shaped dispensers. Both the Canterbury and the Cloister were probably more for adults than kids, but they were certainly special-event restaurants for many families.


22 mar 1985 grandmas pancake house

Grandma's Pancakes had two locations, one in West Seneca, one in the former Gleason's on Main Street, across from what is now the Buffalo Medical Campus.


22 mar 1985 ground round

Peanut shells on the floor. What else do you need to say about the seven area Ground Round locations?



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