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Letter: School Board members need to regain control

School Board members need to regain control

The Clarence school tax compounding an additional 2, 3 or 4 percent every year has gone on far too long. The School Board and the superintendent are doing the community a great disservice when they present another tax increase that is backed by excuses of “it’s not us, it’s Albany.” I would like to take the opportunity to remind board members that they are elected officials in charge of leading the realm of education and function of schools.

It’s time for a coalition of school districts banded across the state with the goal of abolishing imprudent mandates, costs and curriculum by means of dissent. The only outreach to state government for relief thus far has been to eliminate the Gap Elimination Adjustment. This would only give the schools more money to pay for ineffectual and wasteful mandates. It does not solve the problem of compounding taxes or the difficulty of educating under blanket mandates.

I cannot conceive why anyone would argue against putting the power to run the schools back in the hands of our elected School Board. It’s time to shuffle the deck that has been stacked against local control of schools. A vote in disapproval of this year’s budget is not a vote to destroy education in Clarence. It is to send a message to the board that it needs to begin work on regaining the helm of our school from the selfish captains in Albany.

Joe Lombardo