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Letter: World must act now to wipe out terrorists

World must act now to wipe out terrorists

I guess the old adage of history repeating itself is really true. In the 1930s and ’40s, there was an evil in the world called Nazism together with an evil aggression from the East. Both were dedicated to destroying millions of lives, hopes and dreams.

That kind of evil has arisen again in the name of Islamic terrorism, which promotes slavery, oppression, bondage, death, fear and an end to civilization. We are part of a global society, and our brothers and sisters are being murdered for no reason by fanatics who say they love death more than life in the service of Allah, a statement that makes them the biggest hypocrites on Earth. Who in his right mind throws back a life, with all its opportunities, into the face of a creator he claims to love?

Our country and our allies definitely have the means to stop this lunacy in its tracks, and relegate it to a sad part of history where it belongs. Let’s not wait until this evil comes to bite us at home as it did in World War II, costing everyone dearly. One of the reasons the United Nations was established was to prevent this kind of insanity. Where is it now?

Norman Machynski