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Letter: Teachers dedicated to helping children

Teachers dedicated to helping children

Ryan Everett’s heartbreaking story, as recounted in The News, unfortunately offers little illumination of this and other complex issues in our public school system.

Look, there is plenty of blame to go around. How do we fix it? Do we cling like shipwreck survivors to the elusive hope and hollow promises offered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who could benefit from enrollment in an anti-bullying program?

Do we vilify teachers, whose professional lives are dedicated to providing the best education for our children? They are the hands-on voice of experience here, and it is mystifying why The News persists in belittling their true reform agenda: smaller class sizes and an end to standardized testing as some kind of Holy Grail for assessment of both students and teachers. Lost in the free-for-all union-bashing and toadying to the governor is a real old-fashioned notion: common sense.

At least the Lancaster School Board members seem to possess that. Kudos to them for voting to retire an offensive school mascot. It’s not easy to do what’s right, and harder than ever in our chaotic realm of public school education.

Maria Scrivani