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Letter: Students should choose next Lancaster mascot

Students should choose next Lancaster mascot

I attended Lancaster schools from kindergarten through my graduation in 2000. I applaud the actions of the School Board in having the courage to make the correct, though not necessarily popular, decision to retire the Redskins name and mascot.

With the high level of underlying tension in the community, the next steps are important ones. The best thing the district can do is to lead an immediate student-centered discussion/search for a new mascot. While many graduates will insist, myself included, that we will always be a part of the Lancaster family, this district belongs to the students who are in it now. It is their voice that should determine what the next symbol is that will represent them.

I think another important step involves the Seneca and Oneida Nations. One of the arguments I’ve heard from some opponents of the name change is the associated cost. I think a donation from the Seneca and Oneida Nations to the district for the purpose of purchasing new athletic equipment, signage, etc., would be a great symbolic gesture. It would drive home the point that we are all part of the same community.

Jason Borowski