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Letter: Editorial on education is an insult to teachers

Editorial on education is an insult to teachers

Wow. That was my reaction when I read the March 13 editorial, “Manufactured crisis.” The News has certainly let us all know where the editorial board stands on the issues of education reform in New York State. The belittling piece also demonstrates contempt for the people who are actually doing the hard, and still proud, work of educating our children. Rather than stating why educators see the governor’s demands as an attack, the editorial resorts to simplifying the issues on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s behalf.

I am a speech-language pathologist and teacher in the West Seneca Central Schools. The suggestion that teachers are in this for more money is wrong and intentionally misleading. “Insisting Cuomo provide a blank check,” implies that all teachers are in it to line their own pockets and not desperately seeking ways to prevent the elimination of programs needed by children. The editorial ends with a patronizing shot: that teachers need to find a “grown-up solution” and “start doing a better job.” The right to assemble and protest is an American solution.

Tony Duggan