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Letter: Countries in Mideast need to lead this fight

Countries in Mideast need to lead this fight

I’m a bit sick of the daily clamoring for President Obama to take action against ISIS. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and others have been sitting on their butts and wallets for years and have barely lifted a finger. They’re all waiting for the United States to get involved. Where is the United Nations? Last time I checked, the United States was contributing a half a billion dollars per year for its maintenance.

We are $18 trillion in debt and the interest portion of the annual budget is exploding, even with traditionally low interest rates. We’ve lost countless Americans doing the dirty work that the Middle Eastern countries should have been doing. I get the complicated Israeli/American coupling as allies, but enough is enough. So aside from intelligence support and selling arms to these countries where needed, I am all in on the president’s cautious position on this threat.

Rosemary Kelly Speranza