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‘Lose the Clutter Lose the Weight’: How to lighten the overstuffed life

“Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down,” by Peter Walsh (Rodale, 304 pages, $26.99.)

People bogged down by possessions are often overweight, writes Peter Walsh, an organization expert who appears regularly on “Rachael Ray” and writes a quarterly column for Oprah’s magazine.

“I can show you how each room in your house can drag down your happiness in its own special way,” he writes. “This clutter can also directly affect your weight and serve as a warning light that you’re making decisions that threaten your health.”

Walsh divides his organizing transformation into six weeks.

“As you declutter and reorganize your kitchen, the key question to ask is ‘Am I using this space to hold foods that help me create the body I want?’ ” he writes. And if the dining area is cluttered, “Maybe everyone in the household eats silently in front of the TV, fork in one hand and smartphone in the other.”

He encourages you to “create a vision” for the rooms and separate “benign” from “malignant” items.


He’ll help you reorganize the bedroom, closets and bathrooms, “your financial house,” and living and storage areas. His suggestions are specific – such as what belongs on a bedside table, and what doesn’t.


He includes stories of volunteers who adopted his program – all of whom lost weight. So, even if completely reorganizing your stuff will take more than six weeks, Walsh is a motivating guide.