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Letter: Pergament’s column was quite revealing

Pergament’s column was quite revealing

Alan Pergament’s column on March 15 was intended, as he phrases it, “to give some lessons in Journalism 101” to his readers. He proceeds to critique local TV anchors and reporters on their coverage of Garth Brooks.

While Pergament is employed by The News to express opinions, I found this particular column’s content more revealing with respect to his arrogance and general disregard for his readers.

He states, “I hate it when Western New York looks like a backwater town” and “watching the coverage made me feel like we all live in small town USA.” Pergament may have been referring to the content of local TV news, but it’s obvious he views his readers in the same light.

He also adds, “I don’t read comments to my blogs or columns.” Giving opinions, while at the same time ignoring the opinions of his readers, is insulting to all of us who subscribe to The News.

Michael J. Smith