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Dear Abby: Birthday cash buys groceries and gas instead of baubles

Dear Abby: My birthday was last week and my boyfriend gave me $100 cash to spend on myself. I ended up spending the money on groceries for the both of us and on gas.

If my boyfriend asks what I used his gift for, should I tell him it was for groceries for us? I have asked my friends and they said different things, such as, tell him the truth, or something like “I’m saving it.”

– Savannah in Georgia

Dear Savannah: If he asks, tell him the truth. The money was spent on things you needed – groceries for the both of you and gas. And if he finds fault with that – although I can’t imagine that he would – remind him that once a gift is given, it belongs to the recipient to do with as she (or he) pleases.

A girl’s dilemma

Dear Abby: I am an 11-year-old girl in middle school. There are two boys I like. One of them is someone I’ve known for two years and is a really good friend. The other boy I don’t know anything about. I like him because he’s cute.

What I like about the first guy is that he’s funny, smart, looks good and we like the same things. I don’t know which to pick. Please help!

– Interested in Oregon

Dear Interested: At 11, you don’t have to pick either one. Enjoy both for what they have to offer and, in time, you won’t have to ask anyone else to decide for you. In fact, you may even find a third someone who offers the same qualities you like in both of these boys in one package and who likes you back.

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