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Letter: Teachers aren’t the only ones who are fed up with governor

Teachers aren’t the only ones who are fed up with governor

“Misleading.” “Phony crisis.” “Chokehold.” “Willfully blind.” “Greed.” These are the words used to describe teachers in a March 13 News editorial.

On the other hand, our governor is described as “fair,” “seeking changes,” “creating,” “allowing” and “expanding” educational opportunities for students.

If the editorial board meant to insult and demean a whole group of caring, educated professionals in one negative editorial, it did a wonderful job. I find it ironic – almost laughable – that in the editorial Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a hero, a champion for students and someone to be grateful to for all that he does to help students in our schools. The reality of the situation is that Cuomo is a politician. He is someone who can be persuaded by financial backers and is beholden to those who support him as a candidate.

The reality is also that teachers are on the front line, trying every day to do more with less. They see the many negative effects of the funding cuts and the political decisions behind them that hurt our students. Teachers are not the only group of people fed up with Cuomo and his poor decisions and empty promises for education funding. School boards, administrators, parents and students are all fed up as well. I advise the editorial writers to educate themselves more fully on the reasons for the rallies and informational campaigns. There are many people who know why this is a real crisis. I would love to read about it in The News someday.

Sharon Zakroczemski