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Letter: Oklahoma frat offers sad example of racism

Oklahoma frat offers sad example of racism

As a just and fair people, Americans by and large deplore the type of behavior exhibited by the fraternity members in Oklahoma. I experienced the same type of racially motivated exclusion while attending college in the South during the early 1970s. A black woman was denied membership in my sorority because our sponsor refused to continue in that capacity if we voted to make the woman a member. Those of us who supported membership were not quiet about it and were chastised for it. I never forgot it.

Sororities and fraternities are small potatoes in the fight for civil rights, but it is only one more example of the way in which people are excluded simply because of the color of their skin. This is not a free speech issue, any more than deliberately hurting another human being is absolutely OK. It is cruel, ignorant and unacceptable behavior, and no amendment that I know of morally supports that.

The frat boys in Oklahoma need more re-education than a smart whack on the butt with a fraternity paddle, or the coddling of a court system that continues to operate as if it were still the 1860s.

Nan Wade Craig