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Letter: Adolescent behavior endangers diplomacy

Adolescent behavior endangers diplomacy

Adolescence is a transitional stage, and in my view freshman legislator Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., is transitioning into the Congress. Just as adolescents rebel against authority, Cotton appears to be doing that by boldly coming out against President Obama’s negotiations with Iran. His dissident behavior is destabilizing to our country just as such adolescent behavior is problematic for a family.

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., says it well when he points out that, “Congress can disagree about the specifics, but we still have to honor the institution of the presidency. And when it becomes matters of war and peace, then we’ve got to unify.” Not only is Nelson saddened by his colleague’s insubordinate behavior, I trust numerous other Americans are as well.

I personally am more fearful than saddened when a first-year congressman’s behavior takes on such importance. Cotton has a lot to learn and he has the potential to wreak havoc for the United States abroad as he does so. Please, Cotton, and followers, listen to the wisdom of the elders in government and follow protocol to show you have the maturity to be listened to.

Marguerite Battaglia