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Letter: Williams is washed up; give anchor seat to Holt

Williams is washed up; give anchor seat to Holt

In response to Paul Farhi’s Washington Post commentary titled, “Anchor attraction?”, I offer the following.

My initial reaction was that Farhi was, and we should be, surprised that “NBC Nightly News” has maintained the No. 1 spot without Brian Williams. Further, I thought that Farhi was suggesting that Lester Holt could not possibly fill Williams’ shoes as the weekday news anchor. To the contrary, Farhi reinforces that while the news anchor is important, other factors are also important. And he concludes that Holt is a very capable anchor.

Personally, I have been a loyal viewer of “NBC Nightly News” with Williams, and continue to be with Holt. I believe NBC should give Holt the anchor seat, and change the program introduction to “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.” As Farhi concludes, Holt will likely make everyone forget that Williams ever played the game. This would be fitting for Williams, who damaged his most valuable asset – credibility.

William D. Morrison