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Letter: Let’s promote the truth, celebrate common ground

Let’s promote the truth, celebrate common ground

Prevailing thought seems to be diversity is most important and common ground is less important. Political correctness and propaganda suggest this. Many media outlets promote racial conflict stories to score bigger profits.

My opinion, along with people of all colors who may hesitate to raise their voices, is that diversity is only interesting. It is common ground and shared traits that are important. We will have an easier time coming together when we realize how alike we are. The enormity of shared traits is a scientific reality.

False narratives abound, such as misrepresentation of President Lyndon Johnson’s posture on black voting rights in the movie “Selma.” This inaccuracy presented as fact to America and the world at a time of racial strife was poor judgment. Johnson was a politician who could make a difference only if he was elected to positions of power. Martin Luther King and his colleagues in the Civil Rights Movement were outstanding patriots and change agents, but did not stand for election. This reality is important when assessing public postures.

Without the white president and the white Congress, the Voting Rights Act would not have been adopted. Without the incredible efforts of black civil rights leaders and their followers, the elected politicians could not or would not act. Historic facts support this scenario. Civil rights leader Julian Bond has noted the factual error in “Selma.” The reality is we need each other.

The truth does matter. We should ignore political correctness and banish false narratives. They are not helpful. Let’s promote truth and share facts. Let’s celebrate common ground. We really can live in harmony if we all are willing to try harder.

Lynda Stephens