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Letter: Clinton doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt

Clinton doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt

Once again, Hillary Clinton has manipulated the Congress, the press and we the people. It’s very clear how she creates a problem and exploits it, knowing there will be a knee-jerk reaction from the Republicans and the press. Wall-to-wall coverage, outrage, support and hundreds of hours of free campaign time, all the while that she is being beat up by the “straw man” who is her tormentor. She gets to portray herself as the proud, posturing victim, standing tall against these allegedly unwarranted attacks, looking “presidential.”

She knows that there will be the predictable references to the previous three decades of controversies involving Bill and Hillary. A brilliant strategy for getting maximum attention, and appearing as a victim of the opposition that just can’t let go of the past. “What difference does it make now?”

It’s looking more and more like an alternate universe created by entertainment industry publicists. Let’s take a deep breath and ask ourselves if we want these deceptive skills in any president, especially our possible first woman president. I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt again and again, and can no longer do so.

Mike Campanella Sr.

Town of Tonawanda