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Letter: 47 who signed letter ought to be ashamed

47 who signed letter ought to be ashamed

A new fable has been hatched: “No Right and the 47 Dwarfs.”

No Right (Benjamin Netanyahu), fearing he will be unable to dupe the current U.S. president into going to war with Iran on his behalf, found instead 47 traitors willing to attempt subversion of diplomatic efforts to control nuclear proliferation.

The hard core of the Republican Party proved once again that it is against peace and for opposing President Obama regardless of how many innocent lives it might cost. They want to deny medical care to millions, make indentured servitude for life the price of a college education, dismantle Social Security and privatize education, to mention a few of their depraved wishes.

Now they oppose an agreement with Iran before the ink’s out of the bottle. Well, the cat’s out of the bag on them, isn’t it?

John Marvin