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BNRinkside Outtakes: Chris Rumble

Odds are pretty high if you're a visitor at a Canisius College hockey practice, you'll hear pucks going off the glass in the general vicinity of your head courtesy of Chris Rumble. The defenseman in his junior year of eligibility is most often described as a bundle of energy. Or as senior captain Doug Jessey put it "some would call him the Riverboat Gambler."

His back story as a cancer survivor is familiar and while leukemia doesn't define him, he never tires of talking about his journey from illness to ice as he discussed in today's edition of The Buffalo News. But there's more. Outtakes from this week's interview with (and about) Chris Rumble:

First-Team Honors
Rumble was a First Team All-Atlantic Hockey selection and to be honest, he didn't really know how to react to it:

"I think it’s one of the first awards I’ve ever won. It’s kinda weird. I was told in the dressing room and it didn't hit me for a little bit there. It might be honestly the first award I’ve ever won. I honestly think it is. I usually go unrecognized so it’s cool to be reconginzed. It’s awesome to know the other coaches respect me on the ice. It’s just a cool feeling."

For the record, he has won two weekly conference honors -- defensive player of the week (Jan. 13, 2015) and rookie of the week (Jan. 14, 2013) while twice being named to the Atlantic Hockey All-Academic Team.

He who controls the music
If you caught our BNRinkside video earlier this year where Rumble gives us a tour of his HarborCenter locker, you saw he had the ultimate dressing room power -- he controlled the music.

This, his teammates will tell you, is not always a good thing.

"You know you can control a lot of stuff when you’re controlling the music in the locker room," junior forward Ralph Cuddemi said. "Sometimes he plays skeptical songs in the room. Lion King theme songs. He stopped that after we all chirped him."

Rumble defends his choices: "Somehow every team I end up on I always end up running the music. I’ve got a wide range of tastes. It’s hard to entertain 26 different sets of ears in there. And then you have the coaches chirping in your ear every now and then to play what they like. So I try to play a wide range of stuff. Maybe open up some doors to some music they’ve never heard before. I play some classics, some Disney, some underground stuff."

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Blueline offense 
Rumble's hockey strength is creating offense from the blue line, particularly on the power play. (Although the Griffs power play no shots in the quarterfinal series sweep of Sacred Heart. "We can't shoot any less.")

How do does he balance defense with blue line offense?

"You have to take your spots. You can’t gamble too much cuz once you try to get in the offense too much then you’re chasing everyone back to play D. You gotta just kinda go with the flow, go with the flow, go with the flow. Be responsible. Then when you get a chance to do something offensively you’ve got to take it and capitalize on it and make the other team pay."

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