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New NFL rules proposals show progressive thinking

At least NFL teams are trying to trying to think progressively in finding ways to improve the game.

Take the Indianapolis Colts, for instance.

They've submitted a proposal for consideration at next week's league meeting in Arizona that would allow teams to score three points after a touchdown, the NFL's Competition Committee revealed during a media conference call Wednesday.

It would work like this: if a team is successful on a two-point conversion, it then would be allowed to try a 50-yard extra-point kick for an additional point. That would result in a nine-point play, thus meaning that a nine-point lead would no longer result in a two-possession game.

The chances of the owners approving the proposal figure to be slim, but it might at least lead to some interesting conversation.

To the best of the knowledge of members of the committee, it marks the first significant change to the league's scoring system.

The Colts also are proposing that unsuccessful challenges not cost teams a timeout, while the New England Patriots are proposing to eliminate the red challenge flag and have the head coach call a timeout when he wants to make a challenge and the timeout would be restored if the challenge was successful.

Other outside-the-box proposals:

>From the Patriots: Just as last year, they are proposing that fixed cameras be placed on the sidelines, end lines, and goal lines to help with replay review.

>From the Detroit Lions: Make all penalty calls reviewable.

There doesn't appear to be any traction to the much-discussed expansion of the playoffs.

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