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Letter: We must rally to preserve children’s psychiatric unit

We must rally to preserve children’s psychiatric unit

The potential closure of the Children’s Psychiatric Center in West Seneca is just as newsworthy as reporting upon a local TV news station that drops its 6 p.m. sports coverage. Reading the online edition of The News, I found more people submitting comments on Alan Pergament’s story about the sports coverage (nine) than on a wonderful letter to the editor on behalf of the Children’s Psychiatric Center (zero).

Sports in our region are very important, to all of us. However, if readers could show a sliver of that compassion and support for something that really matters – helping to halt the planned loss of quality mental health services for kids in need – perhaps the award-winning center might not be under attack.

Come on, readers. Stand up for something alternatively important to us all. Tell the governor not to close the Children’s Psychiatric Center. Tell him not to put kids who suffer from acute mental health disorders in a place that serves adults with chronic mental health disease. Kids and adults with mental health disorders do not mix!

Spend five minutes checking out this website: Get to the know the issues. Stop the governor’s terrible plan to close such a wonderful center. The sports will always be there waiting for you. If the center closes, one couldn’t say the same about kids’ mental health services. Save these mental health services.

Tom Inman

West Seneca