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Letter: Holley ‘Squirrel Slam’ sets a terrible example

Holley ‘Squirrel Slam’ sets a terrible example

I read that the Holley Fire Department recently sponsored another “Squirrel Slam.” What a horrible example of how to treat wildlife. We may be at the top of the food chain, and have the right to hunt, but responsible hunters respect wildlife and hunt with the intent of using the game killed. To kill wildlife purely for sport, to see who can kill the most or the largest, is beyond necessary or meaningful. It may be legal, but it is far from ethical.

We do not allow domestic animals to be abused, with fines and/or jail time given to those who do, so why should it be any different for wildlife? The lives of wildlife are no less meaningful than those of domestic animals and should be treated with equal respect. To justify the “slam” by saying the animals are given to the needy is pure rot. The likelihood of any “needy” preparing and consuming a squirrel is near zero.

Hopefully, this Fire Department as well as those who participate will give a little thought to the true meaning of ethical and responsible hunting, and come up with another way to fund their needs.

Robert J. Andres

East Concord