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Letter: Women deserve credit for their contributions

Women deserve credit for their contributions

Thanks to The News for the insightful article in the March 7 issue about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is a strong and exceptionally able woman, and since March is Women’s History Month, it behooves all of us to reflect on the women in our society – national and local alike – who have made and are making a huge impact for the good of all of us.

Far too often, women’s contributions are demeaned and Pelosi has had her share of that. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s recent stinging remarks about her looks are a case in point, which begs the question: Why is it that when men want to belittle women, they make comments about their looks, as if that was the only thing about them that was of any value?

In spite of such behavior from her colleagues, Pelosi carries herself with dignity, grace and a tough-minded wit. Truth be told, if you look around you, you will find women you know who do the same thing every day; I know I do. Stand fast, ladies – you do us all proud!

Judith Geer