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Letter: Lack of clear sidewalks will keep patrons away

Lack of clear sidewalks will keep patrons away

“Clear the sidewalks” was a good editorial. It would be an excellent editorial if it challenged all citizens, property owners and developers to take action and personal responsibility.

While billboards read “Say Yes to Buffalo,” too few people “say yes” to picking up a shovel: individual property owners, businesses, commercial developers and multifamily apartment property owners to name just a few.

We recently visited downtown to eat and shop. The weather did not make the difference between passable sidewalks and those that were skating rinks or narrow ruts of ankle-twisting snow. Some sidewalks were cleared, followed by stretches not cleared. Employees of various retail shops spoke of the difficulty – even danger – of walking to work from their apartments.

This is not the “city of good neighbors” until neighbors look out for the welfare of students, elderly people, workers and everyone else walking on the sidewalks. Next winter, unless there are changes, we will prefer to visit a safe suburban shopping mall after a snowfall.

David Schiller