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Letter: Housing Authority needs to adopt new security plan

Housing Authority needs to adopt new security plan

Another tragedy linked to public housing. When I heard that a teen was shot in the face at Kenfield-Langfield on March 6, it made me sick. The residents have been concerned about the increase in homicides and shootings. I hope and pray this young man pulls through.

The irony is the Jurisdiction Wide Resident Council met with Chairman of Housing Michael Seaman on March 3 to discuss the safety and security of our developments. Again the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority has a plan that the residents are not involved with. The residents have a safety plan of their own that they want the authority to adopt.

The Housing Authority, as usual, is reactive. Why a plan isn’t in place, I don’t know. The chairman remarked that the BMHA Public Housing Safety Committee meets monthly. Not entirely true. We were told that quarterly meetings would be sufficient. In light of the violence, I think not. The plan in place is not enough to prevent the violence.

Joe Mascia