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Letter: Let’s change mascot name so our community can heal

Let’s change mascot name so our community can heal

I am a proud Lancaster alumnus, Lancaster resident and parent of two current Lancaster students – both student athletes, one a lacrosse player.

While Lancaster has an excellent reputation for academics, arts and athletics, I am concerned our Board of Education, superintendent and community at large are spending too much time and too many resources debating the school district’s mascot at the expense of real issues that impact the futures of our students.

There is no question the mascot name will change; it’s simply a matter of when.

Collectively, we need to move forward with a mascot name change sooner rather than later. We need to put this issue behind us, move forward and heal a community that is quickly becoming divided. Doing so will allow our board and superintendent to refocus on the important issues that truly make our district great.

Rob Phibbs