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Letter: Don’t penalize players by boycotting games

Don’t penalize players by boycotting games

It really seems wrong to penalize teams of hardworking high school players by boycotting games because of a school’s long-standing name. There are hundreds of derogatory team names in use all across our country. This kind of problem should be resolved within the school districts, not in the realm of public opinion through the media, nor on the Internet, but with input from the school district’s citizens and students.

So why not form a committee to discuss a list of possible appropriate names, and then have the district and students decide? It would be a more democratic way to resolve this uncomfortable problem.

The players shouldn’t be boycotting games in this way. It is a form of bullying, which we all abhor. Let the games be played, and get that committee activated in order to make an intelligent and workable solution.

This could be a very teachable moment for all involved. And isn’t this the better way to solve such an emotional issue?

Emily Newell