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Letter: Hunting opponents seem blind to reality

Hunting opponents seem blind to reality

Yes, hunting is a strange way to bond with your daughter, as a recent letter writer claimed. Particularly when a mother is trying to protect her baby from reality. But then, if her motives were intelligent and sincere, that first piece of beef, chicken, pork, lamb, veal or fish would yet to be tabled in front of little missy and her family.

What is it about the real world that makes it so difficult for some well-intending folks to accept these days? Is real life so horrifying to so many that we hide from it? Is this a healthy alternative? Is this the reason school education skims over the mega genocides throughout human history? Haven’t we yet learned that to be right with an issue, we must first identify it, accept it as such, then address it?

Joe Coia

West Seneca