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Sports letters for March 15

Bills’ big spending could be costly later

Everybody can get carried away with the flurry of activity taking place with the Bills. But what can be forgotten is that every team in the NFL has the very same base salary cap. It doesn’t matter whether the owners are billionaires. The cap, limiting a team’s pay structure, is the same.

Salaries paid to coaches and other staff members are not part of the cap and it’s true the Pegulas have been quite liberal with staff contracts.

Some teams splurge on player contracts for a win-now approach, which is what the Bills are doing. But that process mortgages the future of what they can do in the years ahead. And it won’t matter how wealthy the owners are because that cap limits what owners can spend.

So let’s hope the Bills’ strategy of sky-high contracts to induce stars to join the team now but is mortgaging our future pays off in the long run.

Cheryl Cranston

West Seneca

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