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Letter: Let’s appreciate nature without destroying it

Let’s appreciate nature without destroying it

I agree with the writer who decried encouraging girls to hunt as a way to bond with their fathers. Sure, let’s make them equal-opportunity killers, never mind putting them in harm’s way. Can’t we just appreciate nature without destroying it? How about teaching empathy for the creatures whose habitats are being razed by developers, rather than numbing them to the devastating effects of shot on flesh and bone? What’s skillful and “sporting” about killing a defenseless animal like a sitting duck on its own turf?

Please don’t tell me about needing the meat. If you must have guns and you can’t live without the bang-bang-gotcha moment, what’s wrong with simple target practice? Unfortunately, as long as there is testosterone, men will want to prove they can dominate, and killing things with guns is an easy way to get that feeling of power. It starts in boyhood with shooting frogs and birds using a BB gun. How many girls do you see gravitating toward that?

How sad that girls have to adopt the killing mindset in order to be with their dads. Fathers, there would be nothing more loving and giving than to interact with your daughter in an activity of her choosing.

Dawn Northwood