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Letter: Highway superintendent is needed in Amherst now

Highway superintendent is needed in Amherst now

As a Town of Amherst resident and candidate for highway superintendent, I have been angry to see the condition of the town roads. Amherst has always been known as one of the best-kept towns in Western New York. Apparently, not anymore.

Our plowing and salting services have diminished. In each storm of this season, town officials waited too long to dispatch plows and salters, and did not cover all areas of the town. This process should not wait until school buses are out on the road with our children, along with rush-hour traffic.

Safety should be the No. 1 priority. The hauling of snow away from street intersections and line-of-sight problems should start immediately. Unfortunately, this has not happened and has caused more accidents to occur in the town this year. Residents are upset because the snow has not been removed from their streets before their private plows even come.

I understand we have had a tough winter, but it has been made even tougher for the residents of Amherst. I believe the decision making starts at the top. Town Hall officials are not coordinating properly with whomever is stepping in to coordinate these efforts at the Highway Department. The residents should not have to suffer. The lack of leadership has caused these problems. By refusing to fill the position of highway superintendent, the deputy is expected to do the work of two people. This is impossible. Politicians have added to the problems by running the department remotely from Town Hall.

Kathy Kaminski