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Kelly Remington lives to fight another day on ‘Survivor’

Kelly speaks.

And survives.

Grand Island’s Kelly Remington continued to beautifully follow her game plan of “staying under the radar” during “Survivor: World Apart.”

Before Wednesday’s third episode in Nicaragua, the only way I knew she was a decent talker was by interviewing her before the competition began.

In the first two episodes, Remington barely said anything audible.

On Wednesday, she spoke for about 30-45 seconds in the reality show after tattooed teammates Rodney, a general contractor, and heavyset Dan, a postal worker, got into a beef after Dan said something inappropriate about Rodney’s mother.

“I didn’t think blue collars were emotional but hanging with these guys are pretty emotional,” said Kelly in one of those interviews done by someone unseen away from the castaways.

Then Kelly referenced her work as a cop, saying you have to know when to analyze and interject yourself into a situation.

Her final comment was to suggest that Rodney, who has control issues and also got into a battle with Mike over how much work he did, was a “drama queen.” That exchange pretty much was the end of Kelly, with the rest of the episode dealing with the annoying and complaining contestants from the White Collar, No Collar and Blue Collar teams.

Annoying Dan has one advantage over Rodney in that he is self-aware.

“I think my best characteristic is my worst characteristic,” said Dan. “My mouth.”

What, you expected him to say his belly?

Rodney clearly lost the Texas vote after his argument with Mike, an oil driller from that state.

“Ain’t nobody want to live in Texas,” said Rodney in one of the interviews away from the castaways.

Wow. This was the same guy who thought a joke about his mother was likely to lead to war.

The leader in the annoying category on the No Collar team was Nina, the hearing advocate who predicted her ouster in the opening scene.

“I know I’m the next one out,” she sad. “Can we make it so I don’t feel like an outsider?”

No Collar lost the immunity challenge for the second straight week, which put Nina’s prediction to the test.

Her feeling of being an outsider in the group was pretty much validated when handsome team leader Joe, a jewelry designer, designed a bad strategy.

He decided No Collar would be better off without Nina helping and slowing them down in the challenge. Will, the You Tube sensation, was the one who slowed the team down, which put him in jeopardy and gave the Tribal Council some suspense.

After losing the challenge, Joe fell on his sword and took the blame. But that didn’t help Nina, who was ousted.

It might have been worst punishment to hear what Jenn said of her before the vote.

“Nina is a wet blanket on the entire tribe,” said Jenn, foreshadowing her vote.

The Blue Collar win saved Kelly’s team and also gave them some goodies that should help in future weeks.

Even if Blue Collar ever loses a challenge, Kelly is so far under the radar that she would appear to be safe if her team ever goes to Tribal Council.

Of course, appearances can deceiving in “Survivor.” But in the race to be annoying, Dan remains No. 1 on Blue Collar, with Rodney and Mike close in the competition. Unless they’ve formed some kind of alliance together, one of them should eventually go.

Things are a lot more fun over on the White Collar team, with Carolyn, a corporate executive, sitting back with an immunity idol while her teammates search for one in vain.

The contest for most annoying on the White Collar team has easily been won by Shirin, a Yahoo executive who early in the episode was excited to tell her teammates that she saw monkeys have sex.

Joaquin, a marketing director and one of the handsome guys in the competition, seems to be the most annoyed by Shirin, but it is a close contest with Carolyn.

“I don’t know how you work in corporate America if you’re so crazy,” Carolyn said of Shirin.

The rest of us worker bees probably were thinking that might have been how Shirin got ahead.

In between all the complaints, there was time for two of the younger females who are winning the swimsuit competition – law student Hali and sailing instructor Jenn – to go off and surf.

“Surfing is probably my No. 3 passion in life,” said Hali in one of the interviews done away from the castaways.

I wish she had explained what her No.1 and No. 2 passions.

But there are several more weeks to find out – and to see if Kelly ever gets more than 30 seconds of screen time.


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