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Ch.7's tweet has typo that literally curses Sunday's weather forecast

Many Western New Yorkers have been cursing the weather during this dreadful winter.

But you don’t expect a weather forecast from a local news department to actually include a curse.

That’s what happened today in a tweet sent out by Channel 7’s Eyewitness News about the seven-day forecast.

Here’s how it read, without the expletive, which can’t be repeated in a family newspaper: “A fantastic Friday on the way, but the weekend turns wet and even some (expletive deleted) by Sunday.”

I imagine there was some cursing going on at Channel 7 about how that tweet ever got posted.

How did it happen?

"I think it was a typo that wasn't caught by autocorrect," said Channel 7 General Manager Michael Nurse. "We took it down in 10 minutes."

The tweet -- which Nurse confirmed was posted by meteorologist Andy Parker before it was caught by the station's digital manager -- certainly got some attention.

It was “favorited” by several followers and retweeted even more often.

In fairness, even stronger language has been used about the weather during the last few months.

"It actually got a lot of 'likes,'" added Nurse. "One person said it made her week."

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