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Music review: ‘Absolution Calling’ by Incubus is worth a listen

Brandon Boyd knows most millennials don’t listen to long albums anymore. And though the singer for Southern California band Incubus isn’t sure he’s OK with that, he says people don’t really have full-length albums “in their consciousness anymore, and that’s fine.”

With that in mind, the band plans on releasing two, four- to five-song EPs this year. The first single, “Absolution Calling,” debuted last month, and has received praise from fans and critics alike.

The song begins with a synthesizer loop, quickly accompanied by a neat bass riff and a chorus of snapping fingers. The song’s melody is catchy, almost to the point of being “poppy.”

Boyd’s vocals are poetic, a far cry from the band’s earliest works that, while good, have much simpler lyrics. His vocals are exhilarating and inspiring. Vocals trade the spotlight throughout the song with guitarist Mike Einzinger’s remarkable parts, and at many points the guitar and vocals go back and forth from one to the other. José Pasillas’ drumming is rather simple but fits perfectly within the context of the song.

“Absolution Calling” is Incubus’ first release since its 2011 album “If Not Now, When?” The hiatus of sorts has allowed the band to refuel its creative batteries, and this recharge is evident in the new song. It’s fresh, and juxtaposes elements of many different genres such as rock, pop and even a bit of indie rock.

Incubus’ new music (it played a new song off the upcoming EP at a Christmas concert as well as releasing “Absolution Calling”) is very thick in nature, having many different layers that need to be listened to several times to fully appreciate.

“Absolution Calling” isn’t a pop song. Sure, it may grace some pop stations from time to time, but the song is much too complex to be in mainstream pop. The song is special in that Incubus dug into its roots for this song, while at the same time exploring new ideas and then mixing new and old together.

“Absolution Calling” won’t appear at the top of the pop charts, but the song is definitely worth the four and a half minutes it encompasses.

Listen to this song. You may very well be surprised.

Jack Watson is a freshman at Orchard Park High School.