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Letter: Snow-clogged sidewalks should prompt action

Snow-clogged sidewalks should prompt action

Bravo and kudos to The News for the articles and especially the excellent March 7 editorial about clearing the sidewalks. The editorial covered all the salient points and offered a good solution.

As a senior citizen and homeowner (yes, I shovel my sidewalk) who does not have a vehicle, I rely mainly on my feet or public transportation to get me to my destination. I live in what is known as a “walkable” neighborhood. The plight of the pedestrian has been horrendous this winter, sometimes downright impossible to get across the street to the grocery store, simply because the sidewalks have not been cleared.

Oddly enough, some of the most flagrant offenders are the corner houses, forcing pedestrians into the streets. I no longer can climb up the icy snow mounds, let alone attempt the too-speedy descent directly into traffic. I literally have had to plan a “strategy” to get anywhere, and it unfortunately includes walking in the street.

Home owning engenders responsibility: those who can’t or don’t shovel seem willing enough to pay for plow service for their driveways, so a little more for the sidewalk shouldn’t be too onerous. Forcing pedestrians into the street is fraught with danger. Do we have to wait for yet another disaster before there is a wake-up call?

The city and suburbs should take a good look at Rochester’s plan.

Victoria Stearns