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Letter: More schools should protest offensive, outdated nickname

More schools should protest offensive, outdated nickname

I was pleased to read that the Akron and Lake Shore school districts have boycotted some sporting events with the Lancaster sports teams in a stand against the insensitive and archaic nickname, Redskins. I am disappointed that other surrounding communities do not insist that their school districts also boycott Lancaster games.

Racism is not just an issue for Native Americans. It is clear from multiple national and international tragedies and news stories that many minorities and religious groups are the focus of violence, stereotyping and prejudice.

I hope that the leaders and public in all Western New York school districts discuss their responsibility to eliminate the disparaging of minority groups. A district should not have to have a large percentage of Native American students to be outspoken on this issue. Racism in any form should not be tolerated.

Susan Becker-Weidman