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Russ Brandon gets philosophical on departure of Doug Marrone

Bills President Russ Brandon reached into his bag of talking points and pulled out a gem Wednesday afternoon when discussing the departure of former coach Doug Marrone from the organization.

"That's in the rearview mirror at this point," Brandon said. "There's a reason the windshield is a lot bigger than the mirror. It doesn't do a lot of good to look back."

Brandon went on to shower praise on Terry and Kim Pegula, calling them "unbelievable owners."

"We've had great continuity with how we've wanted to approach our business and again, it starts with ownership," Brandon said during an impromptu news conference after introducing the Bills' new quarterback, Matt Cassel. "We're trying to have sustained success, that's the goal, and it's been very detailed how we've approached the offseason. Yes, there's a great energy, for sure, and great enthusiasm, and to have the transition from Mr. Wilson and his family to the Pegula family has been amazing. People ask me a lot of times, and I've often said to have the franchise on stable ground, and the roots so deeply rooted in the community forever, that anvil is off our community's back. That's what I'm most proud of, we've put the franchise in a position to be here long term, and that's a credit, first and foremost, to the Pegulas."

Brandon avoided any talk about Marrone's departure, which came on New Year's Eve when he opted out of the final two years of his contract. The Bills hired Rex Ryan as the franchise's 18th head coach 12 days later.

"I have so much respect and admiration for coach Marrone, he's a dear friend of mine and he made a decision that was in the best interest of his family," Brandon said. Like I said, in this business you don't look in the rearview mirror, you look in the windshield and you look forward. When we had to approach a coaching search in a methodical manner, Terry and Kim were involved with it from day one, and Rex was the coach that was selected."

Brandon said the team's attention turned to free agency and the draft, led by General Manager Doug Whaley and his staff.

"It's been a great energy within the building," Brandon said. "I can feel it in the community, even though I haven't been here too much because I've been so busy, but we're excited about what we're building. And we're building for the long term. We've got a lot of good young talent on this team and that's a credit to 'Whales' and his team."

Brandon said, "it's going to be hard to ever top the sale of the franchise and being here long term," in terms of career highlights, but that, "nothing's more important to anyone in this organization, whether you're working tickets sales or in my role, is to win a championship, that's it.

"To win a championship and bring the Lombardi Trophy down Delaware Avenue -- and stop on Chippewa -- would be a hell of a time for all of us. You're only in this business to win. It's way too damn long for us to be out of the playoffs, we all know that, and our fans deserve to see consistently good football and that's what we're trying to achieve. Doug and coach Ryan and the staffs are in lockstep in trying to achieve that for everybody. That's what this time of year is all about."

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