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Letter: We have to fight to preserve Children’s Psychiatric Center

We have to fight to preserve Children’s Psychiatric Center

Here we go, again and again. When are we going to let all that we know in knowledge and fact make a final decision to protect this place that brings healing and hope to our children and families? The Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center has the lowest reinstitutionalization rate of any New York State facility. Why would you close your highest-ranking facility? Why would you close a facility that provides the highest quality of care?

It should not be about saving money rather than helping our children in need, but sadly it is. As a social worker for many years, I’ve had the experience of working with individuals and families at both the Buffalo Psychiatric Center and the Children’s Psychiatric Center in West Seneca. There is a drastic difference in these facilities and in treatment modalities for adults and children.

If you as an individual have never suffered from a mental illness or had a family member or loved one who suffered through that illness, bringing about a painful change in themselves, in relationships at home and in the community, then please count your blessings, and let our governor and state representatives know that you care about the children and families in Western New York who have experienced mental illness in their lives.

The pain they experience is real. Children feeling alone, without therapeutic support and understanding and looking at their future with bleak doubt is not acceptable. Children need a safe place and the proper treatment to heal their internal wounds in order to move on to productive lives as adults. Save our children from harm and give them hope by showing them love now. Please visit the for more information and to take action.

Diane Savatteri,LCSW