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Letter: Speech by Netanyahu was breath of fresh air

Speech by Netanyahu was breath of fresh air

OK, we’ve just gone through the coldest winter in recorded history. I truly doubt if anyone is thinking about what he wants for Christmas. I am! I want a Benjamin Netanyahu for my next president of the United States.

Netanyahu is a breath of fresh air after breathing in the stagnant, stale air of a community organizer for the last seven years, whose stated goal was to “transform” America into what he would like it to be, the Bill of Rights and Constitution be damned. What a comparison between these two people.

The Israeli prime minister speaks with confidence and moral clarity in a cause of understanding the evil the world is facing. Compare that to President Obama, who is weak and ignorant or just refuses to face the evil that is right before him. What part of not letting nuclear weapons end up in the hands of Iran does Obama not understand?

Netanyahu’s speech was nothing short of sensational. I thought I was listening to Ronald Reagan talk about our “Shining City On A Hill” and doing everything he could to defend it. Obama refuses to call “Islamic terrorists” what they actually are. Rudy Giuliani was absolutely correct. Why would you want to “fundamentally transform” something you truly love?

Christopher Misztal