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Letter: Tonawanda Amtrak station would stimulate economy

Tonawanda Amtrak station would stimulate economy

As a daily commuter from North Tonawanda to Buffalo, I often see the Amtrak train on its trek from Niagara Falls to Buffalo and wish I could hop on. However, the train is not an option for me because there is no station in the Tonawandas. I believe that now is an especially optimal time to construct an Amtrak station there for several reasons.

First, the Niagara section of the Thruway has recently seen a noticeable increase in commuters, and every day there is congestion. The bus is one very good option, but another option could be that almost-empty train that departs Niagara Falls at 6:15 a.m. every day. Adding a station in the Tonawandas to pick up commuters is “no-brainer.”

Additionally, Gateway Harbor has become popular and is a destination area for boaters, residents and out-of-town tourists. They attend concerts, visit the parks, dine, shop and attend Canal Fest. An Amtrak station accessible to Gateway Harbor would allow the Niagara Falls tourists to also conveniently visit Gateway Harbor. A vacation package deal offering a stop in the Tonawandas and then an “overnight” in Buffalo would give those tourists an opportunity to enjoy both destinations, and it would stimulate our economy. Those who visit Gateway Harbor by boat would be able travel to Buffalo and Niagara Falls by train as well.

Adding a train station in the Tonawandas would be just another spark in the Buffalo-Niagara tourism flame. Let’s stimulate our economy and give residents from the Tonawandas another option to get back and forth to Buffalo, all in one fell swoop!

Janet Curry

North Tonawanda