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Letter: It is no wonder Iran doesn’t trust America

It is no wonder Iran doesn’t trust America

I listened with interest to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. In a nutshell, he said that you can’t trust Iran and that the nuclear deal is a bad one. A deal requires good faith on both sides.

My first thought was, why should Iran trust us? I am 86 years old and vividly remember when the first democratically elected prime minister of Iran was assassinated, with the help of British and American secret services, because he had communist “leanings.” We then proceeded to promote the installation of the Shah and his hated secret police. When Iran was invaded by Iraq, we sided with Saddam Hussein with intelligence and missiles.

Netanyahu decried Iranian nuclear intentions but Israel has a substantial atomic arsenal of its own that was developed in secret. It has never been inspected or even acknowledged. I often wondered why anyone – Israel and Iran included – would even want a bomb except as a bargaining chip. American deterrence (ICBMs, nuclear subs and stealth bombers) have kept an uneasy peace for many years, but if an atomic bomb in Iran leads to a nuclear arms race in an already unstable Mideast, it will be exceedingly difficult to manage.

If the prime minister is really sincere about stopping the spread of nuclear weapons, Israel could start by joining the rest of the world and sign the Nuclear Anti-proliferation Treaty,

It’s true that Iran has not done anything to warrant our trust, but to date it has held up its end of the pending deal. Hypocrisy wont give peace a chance.

Henry N. Stahl Jr.