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Letters for March 8

Sister Maria leaves a basketball legacy

While we like to think good things happen to good people, sometimes the way of the world is vastly different. Sister Maria Pares was let go by Sacred Heart Academy. Can’t say I saw that coming. At the very least, she should have been allowed to go out on her own terms.

Sister Maria has been, flat out, the best girls basketball coach ever in the history of Western New York basketball. Not only has she won games but she has molded capable citizens.

Yes, she fought other teams, referees forever and cancer for 15 years. Would you ask any less of anyone?

The girls who played under her and who became successful in life will tell you that the treatment they got playing under her prepared them for the treatment they got out in the real world.

I had the “pleasure” of being on the receiving end of Sister Maria’s unhappiness a time or two refereeing both her college and high school games. But the next time I saw her on the golf course or the basketball court she was friendly. Bygones were bygones.

You may take away her job but you can never take away her legacy. That will live forever. She will always be the best ever.

Whitey Nichols


Bills are walking the walk with trade for McCoy

The Buffalo Bills are finally doing more than just talking about making the playoffs. The major trade for running back LeSean McCoy sends a message that the Bills are serious contenders. To use the phrase, “action speaks louder than words” could not describe the Bills any better. Let’s go Bills.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Finally, Bills fans see some progress to playoffs

Way to be aggressive, Bills. Great running back pickup in LeSean McCoy and solid QB in Matt Cassel. The Bills get it that the fans are desperate for the playoffs. We will miss Kiko Alonso but it takes something to get something. Now let’s get an available free agent tight end and go for it.

Lou Speranza


Ryan clearly putting stamp on Bills – is Whaley?

I find great amusement with the Buffalo Bills and their search for a quarterback. Really?

The real search should be for a general manager to replace the one that got us into this situation in the first place. Time will tell about the relationship between our new head coach and the current GM. First of all I would guess that Rex Ryan is making a great deal more money that Doug Whaley. Secondly, the keen eye of Coach Ryan is far more experienced than that of Whaley. A true match made in football heaven.

Bill Krieger


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