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Letter: SAFE Act punishes law-abiding citizens

SAFE Act punishes law-abiding citizens

The March 1 Another Voice by Paul McQuillen is an insult to all who wish to protect their individual freedoms and the Constitution. He claims facts and figures on gun ownership and the law’s popularity among gun owners with no mind to reality. Background checks, using a gun in the commission of a crime and no guns on school property were laws long before the SAFE Act.

The truth is, criminals have guns and do not care about laws; that’s what makes them criminals. Don’t make law-abiding citizens criminals by trying to take away their freedoms and constitutional rights. If the writer were truly interested in stopping gun violence, he should be attempting to reach out to gangs that use guns in the commission of crime and not attack sportsmen and women and law-abiding gun owners.

Keep up the good work, Sen. Patrick Gallivan, Sheriff Tim Howard and others at the forefront of protecting us from those who would take away our freedoms.

Paul J. Ziolkowski