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Letter: Minimum-wage job isn’t meant to support a family

Minimum-wage job isn’t meant to support a family

I oppose the minimum wage hike that is proposed. Here’s why. This increase will not help in the long run. Business owners will have to raise prices in order to pay the minimum wage. This is inflation at its finest.

We’ve been here before many times, and the result is always the same. It will help for a couple of years while the employers catch up.

The only person who wins with this proposal is the tax man! He gets more for a sale, and more in income tax. It sounds fantastic when the long run isn’t looked at.

Minimum wage is meant for high school students and those beginning in the job world. It isn’t meant to support a family. Hopefully this will open some eyes. Don’t ask for more and expect to get a hand out. Go get a better job. Work harder, and make yourself worth more.

Peter Coon