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Letter: Cuomo places blame on the wrong people

Cuomo places blame on the wrong people

As I read the Feb. 27 lead story about teachers, parents and administrators uniting to fight against our governor’s draconian position on public education, I could not help but laugh at his attempt to mask his own failures to effect the real change necessary to fix the few schools in our state that are “failing.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s quote, “This is the real scandal in Albany, the alarming fact that state government has stood by, and done nothing as generation after generation of students have passed through failing schools,” is truly laughable in its attempt to blame public education for Albany’s ineffectiveness at initiating any real change in those areas where these schools exist.

What has he done to eradicate the culture of despair, poverty and failure that plagues the neighborhoods where these failing schools exist? Cuomo and his corporate cronies continue to grab at any profit-making scheme to fill their coffers, while ignoring what is the real elephant in the room. To blame public education, one of the crowning glories of our great nation, for the failures of elected officials to bring about any real and lasting change to these depressed areas is a new low even for Cuomo.

How much easier it is for him to lay blame at the feet of those who are the only ones in the trenches working for real change, while he dallies with big money and the corrupt culture of Albany. That, my friends, is truly “the real scandal in Albany.” If you can read and understand this, thank a teacher. If you feel the power grab of Albany draining the life out of one of America’s greatest institutions, thank the governor.

Edward W. Weidenbach

Lake View