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March 5, 1950: She was expecting one baby, but delivered triplets

In the days before advanced blood tests and sonograms, many of the questions of pregnancy had to wait until the moment of delivery. Or deliveries.

The Pelosis were expecting a child. They even had a name picked out. But after Jennie Pelosi delivered three babies 65 years ago this week, deciding on two more names was the first in a long list of adjustments that were certain to come as the parents of three newborns.

"Parents decide on a name for one baby — then 3 arrive"

"Three tiny girls slept peacefully in incubators in Millard Fillmore Hospital's Premature Nursery today as their slim, dark-haired mother thumbed frantically through a baby book to find suitable names for them.

" 'You see, we had no idea that we’d be having triplets,' Mrs. Jennie Pelosi, 26, explained."

03 mar 1950 triplets pic

03 mar 1950 suprise triplets

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