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Man found inhaling duster spray in a Falls store restroom

NIAGARA FALLS – A Falls man is accused of shoplifting cans of duster spray and then taking them into a restroom at 12:40 p.m. Tuesday in a Rite Aid store at 8015 Niagara Falls Boulevard.

Eric J. Bartram, 37, of St. John Parkway, was charged by police with petit larceny after he took the two pack of canned air and then locked himself into the bathroom to engage in the practice of huffing or inhaling to get high.

Rite Aid staff said they could hear the suspect inhaling the duster, but were unable to unlock the door. When police gained entry they found Bartram slumped over with blood on the floor and a cut above his right eye.

He was awakened and was taken by ambulance to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical for a medical and psychological evaluation.